Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still working on Insurance

Today's progress:

Matt's HR person put him in touch with a nurse at Cigna (our insurance).  She talked with Matt at length about the trial and also called and talked with me.  She said we do have clinical trial coverage, but it obtains to cancer, so she would have to get her medical director to approve.  She said that UCSF would be out of network for our HMO, but it should qualify for the "network adequacy" rule, since we can't get the same treatment here.  She is waiting on a letter of medical neccessity from my OB, and we gave her the number to reach the office manager there.  This all happened late this afternoon, so it will be sometime tomorrow (hopefully) before we learn anything more there.

So, hopeful it will work out.  If they deny us initially we still have a couple more tricks up our sleeve, but I want to believe it will be approved first time.