Tuesday, August 23, 2011

13 Months Old

Yesterday Ruth was 13 months old. One year ago, she had just been released from the hospital and we were waiting for one more test before we could fly back home. One year ago, Ruth was one month old and had still a month to go before her due date.

Today, Ruth is thriving. She is picking up on some fun baby tricks. She can point to her nose and ears, and sometimes her eyes. She is starting to try to repeat words we say. She is signing almost 10 different words, probably more that I haven't noticed.

What better way to show you all her baby tricks than a video. I took this yesterday, she wasn't the most cooperative when I pulled out the camera (she wanted to play with the camera, not perform, lol).

The first part of the video is her showing you her nose and ears, and saying "eye". She is also showing you she knows what "no no" means. The last part of the video I was showing her how to stack blocks, and she thought it was hilarious. She was even trying to say "stack".