Friday, July 16, 2010

Post Surgery Checkup #5 (30 weeks)

Sorry this is a little late in coming, the girls left this week and I am behind on blogging!  This appointment was on Monday (July 12th)

30 weeks - 7 weeks to go!   Finally in the "30's"!

Just Matt and I went to the appointments, left the girls back at the family house with Grandma. 

Sonogram- Just a quick one.  Results given to us by my OB said ventricles were stable (or maybe slighly improved??), and everything else looked good.  They don't do detailed measurements everytime, next time will be in early August.

OB Appt - went well, we met Dr. Robertson again, I see her for most of the appointments and really like her.  Nothing exciting, got put on antibiotics 4x a day for bladder issues, I think they were just being overly cautious since I am "high risk".  Gained some weight this time. 

BPP/Non-Stress Test  The BPP (bio-physical profile) went really well, the testing nurse does a quick sonogram to look for fluid levels, baby movement, baby leg movement, and breathing movements.  She passed everything really quickly.  She was really active today so they had a hard time keeping her on the monitor.