Monday, June 14, 2010

26 weeks and counting

This is Sara again, Matt headed back home early Sunday morning to work and take care of little girls. My mom got here Saturday afternoon to take over the role of "Support Person" for the next two weeks. Per the MOMS Trial, I need to have another adult here with me at all times as my support person. We can have kids here too, but there needs to be an additional adult besides the support person here for the kids. I miss Matt and the girls terribly, and hope they can come stay for a little while this summer.

The first week after the surgery is over, and while I am still sore and weak, and in pain at times, it's been a fairly good recovery. I was glad to get out of the hospital, I think that alone helped my recovery since I wasn't stuck in a bed attached to monitors 24/7. Ruth is still doing great as far as I can tell, she kicks around a lot to remind me. We go to my first checkup since leaving the hospital tomorrow, I will be sure to post a full report. I am 26 weeks along this week, the first big milestone to reach is 28 weeks to give Ruth the best chance at doing well outside the womb. Of course, our goal is to reach our c-section date of August 30th, when she will be 37 weeks. But many times after having open prenatal surgery, the baby is born on average about 10 weeks after the surgery.

So for now, I am staying at a place close to the hospital called the Koret Family House. This place is amazing, it is here for families that have children being treated at UCSF Children's Hospital. It really puts some things in perspective, seeing these happy little ones with cancer. I have met some incredible families in my short stay here, and I'm sure this summer spent here will change my life. If you need a good charity to donate to, this is a great one. Click here to go to their website.

There is also one other lady here that is in the same trial/surgery as me, although she is on her last leg, since she had her surgery about 2 months before me. She is doing great, her baby is doing great, and she is set to have her c-section on July 2nd. I hope we do as well as her! Her blog is here -

Tomorrow is checkup day, I can't wait to see how Ruth is doing. I'll be sure to post a report here and on facebook sometime tomorrow.