Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Clubfoot Casting #3

Ruth had her 3rd set of casts put on today at Scottish Rite. First they sawed them off. They did much better this time not nicking her foot, although I think they did a little bit. She did not seem to mind it at all this time, and even smiled at her grandma.

Still pretty swollen and bruised, but much straighter!

They came and examined her feet. The doctor said he is very happy with how well they are responding to the castings.

The casting process went SO MUCH better this week. She was sleepy and took just a tad of a bottle, and relaxed through the whole thing. No screaming and kicking like the last two weeks!

The plan now is to keep this cast on for TWO weeks, and come back for one more cast that will stay on for one week. After that cast, they will do the heel cord lengthening surgery, and she will be in another cast for 3 weeks. So a total of 6 more weeks of casts. After that she will move to the brace (shoes with a bar in between) for 3 months, 23 hours a day. But at least with those, she can take baths!