Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Off with the casts!

So, yesterday the whole family headed to Scottish Rite to see the last set of casts come off!

Her sisters waited patiently, enjoying the very cool waiting rooms, and playing games on our phones.

Ruth handled the cast removal with ease. She is never crazy about the loud noises, but didn't mind too much.

The doctor was running behind, so we waited in the exam room for a very long time after her casts came off. The sisters were losing some patience, but they still did pretty good.

After the doc came and looked at her feet, he said she is ready for the braces! He talked to us about the importance of keeping them on, that her feet could go back to club position if we don't.

Then we headed downstairs to get fitted for the braces. The younger sisters stayed in the waiting area with Daddy to play, while Ruth, myself, and my oldest daughter went back to the exam room.

She was measured for the braces. Her left foot is smaller than her right, which the resident told us was common for clubfoot. I was instructed on how to properly put them on, and what problems to watch for.

She is to wear them all day, with three 30 minute breaks. We come back in 2 weeks for follow up. She will probably be in the braces full time for about 3 months, then after that, just while sleeping.

After we finished up, we grabbed some popcorn for the sisters and headed outside to play in the playground. It was a beautiful day, over 80 degrees outside, so we spent as much time outside as we could.

After the playground, we grabbed some lunch and headed to the Fort Worth botanical gardens. The girls loved running around enjoying the beautiful day.

I very much enjoyed giving her a "real" bath that evening. Her legs definitely needed a good scrub down!