Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday Party

We had Ruth's birthday party last weekend with all the family in town for the Walk n Roll. It also happened to be my niece's 2nd birthday, so we doubled up the party for twice the fun!

Ruth LOVED her cake.


So much, that she felt she needed to share it with her cousin. In her hair.

Presents were fun too. Lots of sisters/cousins/friends helping.

Happy birthday baby girl!

Team Ruth - Walk 'n Roll for Spina Bifida

Last weekend we participated in the SBANT Walk n Roll for Spina Bifida!

We got there bright and early, so Matt could help with the registration.

Team Ruth raised over $1800, and we had over 20 walkers there for TEAM RUTH that morning, comprised of family and friends, plus much much more support from afar! Thank you everyone!

Matt also ran another team for the walk, Team OCC! His team, comprised of his coworkers and their families, was able to raise well over $8,000 - which I believe was the highest amount of any team, plus most of his team arrived very early to volunteer! How awesome is that! I am SO proud of him!

After the walk we got to enjoy Burger Lake, a spring fed lake with lots of fun activities!

Ruth enjoyed swimming, and all the excitement wore her out!

I felt like I didn't get to visit with fellow SB families as I was so busy keeping up with my girls, so hopefully at the next gathering I will get more of a chance to meet more people :)

One year ago...

One year ago, my sweet baby girl Ruth arrived via emergency c-section during the middle of the night, at only 31 weeks gestation. It was a surprise appearance, but I couldn't be more blessed. Happy Birthday baby girl!!