Thursday, May 5, 2011

9 Months Old & Moving Forward!

9 Months old! Wow, has she gotten big!

Her personality is shining, and she definitely tells us what she wants. She LOVES her sisters, they can get her laughing like no other.

She has decided this last month that she really likes her momma. So much, that momma needs to stay within 2 feet of Ruth at all times, or she will protest. Loudly. And heaven forbid anyone she doesn't know should try to hold her!

Milestones & Stats

She is sitting VERY well. I can pretty much set her down without worrying about her toppling over.

She is working on standing in physical therapy. We set toys on the ottoman in our living room and let her play to work on her strength. Her physical therapist thinks she may need tiny little ankle braces since her feet roll in when she stands, but she likes to give them a chance to build up strength before adding braces.

She is now MOVING FORWARD! All it took was a little motivations from some new toys, that happen to roll away from her :-D

She has decided in the past couple weeks that baby food is not for her. She would much prefer whatever we are eating. And she is doing pretty well eating soft table foods. I can't say I blame her! I wouldn't want to eat that baby food either.


Nothing new to report. Her head circumference did go up some percentiles at her last pediatrician appointment, so we are expecting to find that she will need a shunt. Her MRI is in a couple weeks. Please keep praying.

Urology & Ortho

Nothing new to report! We don't go back to either one until July :-)

Spina Bifida Walk & Roll

As my last post said, we are participating in our local Walk and Roll this year, and we NEED YOUR HELP to reach our goal of $1000! Please take a moment to donate whatever you can, even just one dollar helps! And Ruth would love to have your support!


Like the cute little headband that Ruth is wearing in the pictures? I have decided to donate ALL the proceeds from the sales of those headbands to Team Ruth for Walk and Roll 2011!

They are only $8 each (ship free), and adjustable, so they fit babies all the way to adults.