Saturday, January 1, 2011

5 Months Old!

So, I'm a couple weeks late posting this (again!)... Fortunately, nothing much new has happened since my last update!

Ruth has been healthy, no doctors visits since getting her casts off except her monthly visit to get her RSV vaccine. But she was also weighed for the first time since losing her casts at that appointment - a healthy 14 pounds 13.5 ounces, and 24.2 inches long!! My has she grown from her tiny 3 lb 15 oz, 16 inches!

Here is another "growth" photo - she hasn't been able to fit in her bumbo since before her casts, so here is a before casts and after casts photo. A big change in 2.5 months!

She is rolling from stomach to back pretty consistently, and has rolled to her stomach in her bed a few times, but never repeated during play. She is getting better at sitting up now that the casts are off, but still needs quite a bit of support. She is also bearing some weight on her legs, which is a big deal for me. Hopefully now that she has full motion of her legs, her strength will continue to improve! She is smiling and "talking" to us, and has given us a few big belly laughs. She is also getting really good at using her hands, grabbing toys and bringing things to her mouth.

Medical Stuff:

Ortho - she is done with castings, and is in the braces for approx 3 months. We go back this week for a follow up.
Neuro - still doing good, no need for a shunt so far! We go in Feb for a rapid MRI (no sedation) and a follow up.
Urology - no UTI's!! We go in later this month for a repeat ultrasound to see if the swollen kidney is still swollen, and a follow up.

MOM Study:

Some rumors have been floating around about the MOM Study (prenatal surgery trial), that they are closing it and opening up the surgery to anyone that meets the health requirements - no more randomization. No results have been published, but rumor has it something may show up in a medical journal this month!! My guess is that since they are opening up the surgery to anyone, that the results must be good! But we will see, I am excited to hear the results whatever they are, so hopefully this rumor is true and we will hear something soon! This study started in 2003.

My attempts at some artistic photos:

Great Grandparents D

We were blessed by a visit from one set of Matt's grandparents - the girls Great Grandparents! I never knew any of my great grandparents, and my grandparents have all passed, so I am so blessed that the girls will know and remember theirs!

ALL the girls loved the visit - and Ruth was happy to finally meet them!

First Christmas

Ruth's first Christmas was a good one.

We went to Mass early afternoon, and did not get there early enough to sit in the main church. But we DID get there early enough to get a seat in the overflow area, so we didn't have to stand. Ruth was a trooper, as usual.

Here is my attempt at setting the timer on the camera to catch us all dressed up!

The sisters all decorated cookies for Santa as tradition in our house, and Ruth joined in by watching from her high chair. I have a feeling next year she will be in the middle of it!

Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Marc came in late Christmas Eve and stayed most of Christmas day with us.

We had a great, low key Christmas day, full of food, gifts, and love.