Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Post Surgery Checkup #3 (28 weeks)

Again, overall, good checkups!

28 weeks - 9 weeks to go!

Sonogram- They sent us over to the hospital to do the sonogram this morning, I'm guessing because they were booked at the office location.  Which meant 30 minute waiting time, and no cell service to keep me occupied :-)  The tech didn't turn the monitor for me to see most of the exam, but it was just a quick exam to monitor fluid, hydrocephalus, and my cervix.  Had to wait til my OB appt to get the results, but fluid was good, ventricle size was 15mm, and cervix was 3.3.  With ultrasounds, minor variances are normal, so they consider that no change from last week.  Yeah!  Pray her little brain stays stable, and she will not need a shunt after birth.

BPP/Non-Stress Test  The BPP (bio-physical profile) went well, the testing nurse does a quick sonogram to look for fluid levels, baby movement, baby leg movement, and breathing movements.  She apparently decided she was tired from the sonogram, and wanted to sleep through this part.  The sweet nurse tried gently shaking my belly (she was scared to do too much because of the incision from the surgery), had my Dad clapping over my belly (that was funny), and finally used a little buzzer to wake up.  I'm not sure she really woke up, but she moved around enough to pass.  The non-stress test is when they hook me up to monitors to watch the baby’s heart rate and contractions.  No contractions (good!).  They want the baby’s heart rate to increase during activity, and she was active enough through this part of the testing to pass with no more need for clapping or buzzers!

OB Appt - went well, we met Dr. Parer this week.  Nothing exciting.  Blood pressure was 90 something over 50 something, which is about normal for me. My weight is still holding steady, somehow!!  I must be losing all my muscle mass and replacing it with fat!  Nothing else exciting here, which is good.  It's not good to be exciting at a doctor's office.

Misc stuff:

My mom left this past weekend, and my dad replaced her as my support person.  I was very sad to have my mom leave, but also very happy to see my dad!  Mom will probably come back in August to keep me company again :)  We moved to a larger room in the family house to accomidate Matt & the girls visit.  It is nice!  I'm sure it will feel very small once all 7 of us (3 adults and 4 kids) are all crammed in here. 

Last week Mom and I went out to eat with Nicole who is also here for the same reason as me, and her mother in law.  She is super sweet, and set to have her c-section this Friday!  Pray for her and her baby boy, too.

Did I mention it's COLD here?  It's really cold!  I know all you Texas folks will just tell me to hush, but I'll trade you 100 degree heat over this weather any day!  We've had 2 or 3 nice days, but most are foggy, windy, and COLD!  I had to buy a jacket and winter boots to get me by. 

We have spent a lot of time over the last week at the Academy of Science museum, which is just down the street in Golden Gate Park.  My mom was nice enough to buy me a season pass so I can go whenever.  I need something to do close by besides shop!  The aquarium there is just amazing, I know the girls will love it when they come visit.

Matt and the girls are coming TOMORROW!!  I know Matt is stressed from running the house/working/taking care of the kids/plus getting ready to travel.  But I am so grateful he is willing to do all this to bring them to me.  I miss him and the girls so much, I'm not sure I could make it through this summer without their visit.