Monday, July 26, 2010

Ruth Updates (days 3,4,5)

Ruth continues to do wonderfully. As one of her neonatologists puts it, "She doesn't know she's premature."

Preemie Stuff
She is transitioning from IV nutrition to just momma's milk, she should be done with her iv by tomorrow or the next day (although the nurse told me they will leave it in until it goes bad).   She has had no problems digesting the milk.  Right now she is receiving the majority of her milk via an ng tube, which is a tiny tube that goes in through her nose to her stomach.  She also is breastfeeding, which at 31/32 weeks is pretty rare, and has shocked many of her doctors.  She eats every 3 hours, and I do my best to be there at each feeding, although since I am now discharged I will not be able to make it to her night feedings.  Although, who knows, once she starts breastfeeding exclusively I may just camp out on a couch somewhere ;-)

She has still not required any oxygen assistance with breathing, which we are very grateful for.  She does occasionally have apnea that she recovers from on her own, which is common with preemies and she will grow out of it.

Spina Bifida stuff
SB babies typically have some problems with their bladder, sometimes not being able to empty it completely which can cause kidney problems.  She will have a urodynamics study when she is discharged that will give us a lot more details about what assistance she will need with her bladder.  For now, we are cathing her every 3 hours.  Both me and Matt have learned how to do this, but we will not know if we will need to continue after she comes home at this point. 
Her back where they fixed the lesion still looks wonderful.  We still try to keep pressure off her back, so she has been sleeping on her side or stomach.  She should have another head ultrasound to continue to monitor her ventricles, so far they have continued to remain stable.  We are hoping to avoid needing a shunt to drain her ventricles, as brain surgery is something no parent wants their child to endure, but if she needs it we are prepared for that.  If her ventricles remain stable, she should be able to avoid it.  She will be monitored for this closely throughout her first year of life.

I just want to thank everyone for your continued prayers, Ruth definitely is our little miracle baby, and we cannot wait to bring her home to meet everyone!

Much love,


VIDEO: Ruth @ 1 Day Old