Tuesday, November 9, 2010

UTI #2

Saturday morning, Ruth just didn't feel right. She was too sleepy, too fussy, and felt warm (even tho the thermometer didn't show anything at that point). I tried to brush it off as maybe just gas or tummy troubles, but that didn't explain the sleepiness. A little later in the day, I took her temp again and this time it came back at 99.9.

Since she showed no signs of a cold, I was worried about her having a UTI, since her urologist told us any time she runs fever to check for one. I cathed her (sterile technique so I could use the same urine to send off to the lab). The last time I suspected a UTI I was able to take her into our pediatrician, and I ended up doing her cath for the urine sample anyway because the nurse had difficulties, so this time I felt getting it at home with less germs would be best.

Unfortunately this of course, happened on a weekend. Her urine was cloudy, so I took her in to the Urgent Care down the road. The doctor there checked her over, did a quick test on her urine (which showed several things indicative of infection), and sent it off for culture. They started her on antibiotics. She was pretty pitiful.

Monday morning I called her pediatrician and also urology over at Scottish Rite. I ended up taking her in to see her pediatrician since she was only seen by urgent care, and they felt everything was ok. The urologist wasn't concerned about one UTI, especially since her fever never got super high, so we will continue to do nothing. She still has her DMSA test next month to test for any kidney damage. That will tell us the most about what her treatment should be, if we can continue to do nothing, or if we need to start back on the meds/cathing routine.