Thursday, November 29, 2012

Walk n Roll for the SBANT 2012!

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone that donated, bought a shirt, or walked with us. Ruth was the TOP FUNDRAISER, with over $6,000! And Team Born Twice together raised over $9,000! It was a huge success, and we couldn't have done it without you.

Here is the feature in the latest print of the newsletter:

And a few more photos of the rockstar from that day:

*WALKING* the Walk n Roll. With style, lol.

Getting her award for Top Fundraiser

Enjoying the lake afterwards!

Photo Dump - September

Ruth's baptism - by her Grandfather!

Eye checkup - All clear for another year!

Sporting my sunglasses after having her eyes dilated

WALKING up the stairs at church - this floored me!

Homeschooling field trip for big sister

Playing with our new kitten

Checking on her kitty

Being a big girl during her renal ultrasound!

Running away from me at Scottish Rite

Loves her kitten!

When I turn my back for a second..

Clothes were wet (see previous photo), so we just enjoyed the great Sept weather!

On top!

Another big girl bed

Loves her baths

Photo Dump - August

Walking up the stairs in PT

Throwing the ball for our new puppy

Big girl bed!

Silly wig

A toddler and a tea cup collection

Playing in the splash pad

Walking on grass!

Silly girl

Swimming in the river

WALKING around Scottish Rite!

Getting herself all wet outside

mmmm... cupcake!

Meeting a fellow fetal surgery/spina bifida babe - that lives just a few miles from us!

Photo Dump - July

Chasing after her cousin!

4th of July Parade!

She loves her cousin!

At the aquarium

Waiting for her PT to arrive


Swimming at the pool


Little Cowgirl

Riding the mini train - and loving it!

First time on a horse

Swimming in the lake

Cooking smore's

Fun at the Museum

Photo Dump - June

Um, well we are a little behind here. I have struggled a little bit to continue this blog. I know it helps a lot of people reading her story, but then again, I'm not sure she wants her entire medical history out there for the public ;)

I have decided not to go into too much medical details from now on, other than to tell you that she is doing GREAT, and is actually generally healthier than my other kids!

So, in my attempt to catch up, here is June 2012 in photos:

Swinging at PT

Playing at the Playground at Scottish Rite Hospital

Back porch water play



Occupational Therapy

MORE Walking!