Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Her favorite game

It still amazes me how far she has come in the month since her ETV surgery. She went from NOT babbling at all to saying momma, dadda, babba, and clapping her hands, to playing peek a boo with us!! Here is a super sweet video of her playing peek a boo with me.

First SB Playdate

Ruth had her first SB playdate with another sweet baby girl M that was born right around Ruth's due date (so they would have been the same age, had Ruth not been in such a hurry to get here!!)

We invited them to our house, the girls were busy looking each other over, it was so super sweet. Of course right when I pull the camera out Ruth starts hamming it up and that was that!

Isn't baby M just BEAUTIFUL?! I love those eyes!!

The playdate was going great until I discovered baby M's momma is allergic to cats (and I have two of them!). So we finished our visit out on the back patio, which is luckily shaded in the morning.

It was so wonderful to chat with baby M's mom and I hope to become great friends with her, and I hope baby M and Ruth grow up to be great friends too!! It was so nice to chat with someone that understands what you are going through, and I hope the girls have each other when they are older.

So this happened over a month ago, but I was waiting on permission ;-) to post the photos before I blogged about it,
because of course, both babies are super cute and I had to share the photos too!!