Thursday, September 2, 2010

6 weeks old!

Ruth is now six weeks old, and doing great! 

She is doing very well, doing everything a baby should do (eat, sleep, dirty diapers).  She is getting more reactive to us, but since she was born early, she will be delayed somewhat on the social milestones (smiling, etc).   She will do a lot of that stuff more in line with her due date, not her birth date.

We finally resolved our "catheter situation".  Our wonderful insurance case manager got on the phone and got the company to get things moving.  I also found a local medical supply company that was kind enough to give me a couple days worth to get us by until the shipment arrived.  Nicole also sent us some of her smaller size that she isn't using anymore (thanks Nicole!!).  So now we shouldn't have to wash and reuse catheters any longer, thank goodness!

Ruth also had her ophthalmology visit last Wednesday.  The main purpose of the visit was to follow up to look for ROP (preemie issue), since the vessels in her eyes were not mature at her last exam.  Everything still looks great.  We will follow up in one year to check for spina bifida issues unless something comes up before then.

VIDEO: Ruth @ 6 weeks old