Monday, May 10, 2010

Amnio, and more info

Went in for the amnio this morning.  Wasn't looking forward to it, but the results are required for the MOMS study, and it takes 10 days to receive them.  Since I'm already 21 weeks, and the surgery has to be completed by 25 weeks, time is short.  The amnio itself went without problems.  We saw her "lemon" shaped head again (sign of spina bifida), and a good look at her club feet since that is where he put the needle.  Did not get a look at her back again, the perinatologist did not want to get her stirred up before the procedure. 

Got pretty crampy and dizzy after the procedure itself, I think the dizziness caused me more problems than the pain.  I spent most of the day in bed, thank goodness for my mom here to help take care of my other 4 daughters.

My dad (being a doctor) used his connections to put me in touch with the director of the fetal center in Houston.  My dad talked to him for a while about the risks of intrauterine surgery, and put a lot of our fears at ease.  The surgeon also had some connections to the MOMS study, and spoke with the doctors at UCSF for us.  We are doing the right thing by going through the study coordinator, but if that doesn't work out, sounds like we have a great option for her care in Houston.  They do not do the pre-natal surgery (just surgery after she is born), but the pre-natal surgery is experimental and not done in the U.S. besides in the MOMS study.

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