Monday, May 24, 2010

Insurance & Scheduling

Called my OB's office this morning and talked to one of the ladies that deals with the insurance to tell her about the need for the authorization.  Her daughter actually has spina bifida, so I know she will fight for us.

Got a call from one of the coordinators from the MOMS study at UCSF to talk more about scheduling the evaluation and the whole insurance hiccup.  Right now we are scheduled to go down on Memorial day (the 31st), do the evaluation on Tuesday and Wednesday (1st & 2nd), and if we get the surgery, it will be on Friday (the 4th).  If we do not qualify or if we get randomized to the post natal group, we go back home on Thursday (the 3rd).

But first we have to get our insurance to approve the transfer of care.  I talked to her a little bit more about that, and while they may give us a hard time, I feel confident between my wonderful OB's office and the experienced people at UCSF, they can work something out with our insurance company.  Hopefully we will get a "YES!" soon from them, and that will be one thing less to worry about.

For now we wait, after all the work to get approved to go down for the study, our insurance may be the one thing to hold us back. 

On another note, I now have 2 kids with strep throat.  Praying I don't end up with it.  Pretty sure being sick won't help my chances with the study much.

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