Thursday, May 13, 2010

MRI & Results

Today was MRI day. They really couldn't tell much from sonograms about the severity, so we were really looking forward to hearing the results of this so we could move forward. The MRI itself took a while, Ruth decided to be quite wiggly during the scan so it took about an hour before they could get good pictures.

The results:
The opening in her back is small and low, which is GOOD! The pediatric neurologist estimated it to be at an S1-s4.  It is covered with a membrane.  This means she will have a good chance to be able to walk!

She does have some swelling in her brain, at about 14-15mm (normal is below 10). 

She does have the Chiari II defect.

She does have a small posterior fossa, but NOT HERNIATED!  (from what I understand that means the bottom of her brain is not herniated into her spinal column, so that's good!)

So, overall, about the best news we could hope for!  She has a good prognosis for walking with it being that low. 

However, her risk to need a shunt to drain the fluid away from her brain is still very high, around 94%.  Her best chance to reduce that odd is to have the surgery before she is born through the MOMS research study.  Many prayers are still needed that they accept us, and once they accept us, the coin flips the right way to get the surgery for her.

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  1. Praying they accept you, and once they accept you, the coin flips the right way to get the surgery for her.