Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Moving Day

As we had hoped, our night turned out to be quite uneventful. We were left alone most of the night, so we were able to get some decent rest. Once the sun came up, the nurse came in and told that things were looking good for our discharge today.

After getting a quick breakfast, I made 2 round trips to the family house to drop off 3 deliveries and Sara's camera. If Sara did get discharged, it would be just her and I making the move. The less we had to carry, the better. Remember, Sara is still in a lot of pain and needs to take things easy. She can't be expected to carry much of anything. I also needed to be able to push and otherwise maneuver her in her wheelchair once we got to the house.

Before I left the family house, I made the beds and opened the window so that the room would be comfortable by the time we got there.

While I was gone, Sara said that the director of FTC paid her a visit and cleared her for discharge! Tamara from the Fetal Treatment Center also stopped by to give us the list of do's and don'ts and wish us well. She also worked with me to pick out my flight back home on Sunday to see my girls. I cannot wait to see them!

Last thing left for me to do before they would allow discharge was to fill Sara's prescriptions. They have a Walgreen's at the hospital, which was really convenient for us since they already have our insurance info on file. I dropped them off and grabbed a quick lunch. When I came back, they gave me a paper sack full of drugs.

After that, we made our way out the door! The cab ride was brief. I pushed Sara into her room and that was about all she could take. She laid down to start taking a nap. I checked in at the office briefly before I joined her. About and hour and a half later we both woke up.

I found a grocery store a few blocks south of the family house called Andronico's. It reminds me a lot of Tom Thumbs back home. I was pretty hungry so I grabbed just a few things to get us through the morning and then picked up some takeout for dinner.

We ate in the dining area at the family house. A few of the other families staying here came through while we were eating. Lots of kids here that need lots of help. One of the families we met had been here since August of last year. One of their sons was 3 months old when they got here, so he practically grew up in this house. Seeing him made me realize I've been needing a little kiddo to pick on. In that regard, this seems like an opportunity rich environment.

Speaking of people that are a lot of fun to pick on, I'm looking forward to seeing my mother-in-law on Saturday. I'll be passing the baton on to her before I head back on Sunday.

Tomorrow I'll probably do a little more grocery shopping and then do whatever I can to keep Sara comfortable and otherwise settle her in. She's going to have to take it easy and not over do it in the coming weeks, which is no easy task for my wife. Good thing she likes to read!

Please continue to keep Sara and Ruth in your prayers!

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  1. Frank CastelluccioJune 11, 2010 at 4:59 AM

    I just wanted to let both Sara and Matt know that you two (and Ruth and the kids) are in my prayers. I want to help in any way I can. Don't hesitate to ask.