Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prenatal Surgery!!

We were randomized to PRENATAL!!  Very excited, but also very scared at the same time.  I believe this is God's plan for Ruth, and I trust in Him completely.

So, to recap this crazy day:

We met with the pediatric urologist, anesthesiologist, spina bifida clinic nurse coordinator, neonatologist, and the head of the MOMS Study, prenatal surgeon Dr. Diana Farmer.  We also had the fetal echo, which was normal as expected. 

We got our MRI results from yesterday.  The lesion in S1, as we knew before.  Her ventricle size in her brain is now about a 15mm (it was at 13/14mm at the last mri). Her Chiari II malformation in her brain is BARELY THERE!! We barely qualified for the study because it was so mild. That is really good news - Yay!

We met back at the FTC for randomization. We signed consent forms, both of us took a pychological test, and then our fate was up to a computer! I think I prepared mentally more for the fact that we wouldn't get the surgery, than the fact that we would!

So tomorrow (Thursday) night I go to the hospital to be admitted. Friday I don't get to eat, they pump me with medicines and place the epidural (for pain management after the surgery). The surgery itself is scheduled for 3:30 PM CST. I will be under deep general anethesia for the surgery, and will have the epidural for pain for about 48 hours afterwards, with a lot of medicines to prevent premature labor. I do know with this surgery, since the placenta is up front, they will have to take out my uterus and do the surgery from the back side of my uterus. They will not take Ruth completely out, just stick her little butt out to repair the lesion. The biggest risk is premature birth. I will remain on medicine around the clock to prevent contractions until she is ready to be born. Ruth needs to stay in until hopefully 34-36 weeks before making her complete appearance in this world. She will be 24 weeks at the time of the surgery.

We really appreciate all the support, love, and prayers received. I know it's no accident we are here now. Prayers still very much needed for her health, and mine, through this surgery and recovery.

Here is the video that talks a little about the prenatal surgery:


  1. I'm so excited that you were randomized to prenatal surgery! I've been watching your blog every day. I am coming to the hospital on Monday for checkups so maybe I can come visit you, if you're feeling up to it. See you in the family house soon!

  2. Oh my gosh! How exciting yet I'm sure a range of emotions are felt! Continued prayers for you, Matt and your whole family.

  3. Sara & Matt, your friends at the OCC are thinking of you. Sue White, HR, shared this blog with me and we are so excited that you are able to go through with the surgery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Ruth and the rest of your family. P.S. My middle name is Ruth. So, I love the name you've picked for your sweet little girl. Take care and God Bless! :) Cindy

  4. Nicole - sure come on by! I'd love to meet you and chat. Its so nice that someone else is here having gone through the same thing.

    Kathryn - thank you so much for your prayers, they mean so much!

  5. Thanks, Cindy. We're very thankful for the HR department's intervention which helped us get insurance approval processed extremely quick. Thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers - please keep them coming!!