Friday, July 23, 2010

Ruth's Birth

The magnesium had done a good job of slowing down my contractions, but they hadn't stopped. Around 11 PM my water broke, and even after increasing the magnesium to the max, my contractions became very intense and close together. At this point, I was up at the hospital by myself, with Matt not coming until Saturday, and my MIL already gone back to the family house to sleep. I was left alone for a suspicious 30 minutes or so, and had a feeling they were planning my c-section. Since I had prenatal surgery, I had a fairly fresh scar on my uterus, and with every contraction I knew I was getting close to rupturing my uterus (which would be very dangerous for both me and baby). Sometime after midnight, doctors and nurses came in and said it was decided by the fetal treatment team, the best course of action was a c-section now. By now, Matt had rescheduled his flights for first thing in the morning, and I tried to see if we could wait until he got in. No, it was too dangerous. I was given enough time to call Matt and my MIL, and rushed off to prep.

The hospital chaplin, a very nice man named Kevin, came in and kept me company. It was decided I would have a spinal for pain. The spinal did not cover the entire area it needed to. They offered to put me to sleep completely (general), but then my MIL wouldn't be allowed in, and I knew I needed someone to watch over Ruth and tell me what happens here. I was then given the option to add a small dose of pain medicine to my IV, and nitrous oxide. I said I would try that. I asked Kevin to stay in the OR and pray. I remember them letting my MIL in after a while, and she was wonderful in being my advocate. I remember hearing a beautiful sound, my wonderful baby's cries.

The next thing I was in the recovery room. I sent my MIL to Ruth, I was desparate to know how she was doing. No photos were taken in the OR.

My MIL stayed by Ruth's side, coming back to show me photos and report on her status. She needed a little help getting going, but was breathing on her own. She weighed 3lb 15 oz, and was 16 inches long, a good size for 31 weeks. Her apgars were 5, 6, and 9. She is beautiful, and perfect.

I fully attribute how wonderful Ruth is doing to the team here, and will be forever grateful.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers.

Much Love,

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