Monday, August 30, 2010

A Catheter Situation

Ruth had her first pediatrician appointment on Friday.  They weighed her (5lb 13oz), looked her over, etc.  She got her 2nd hep shot.  They gave me the tylenol chart (if your child weighs this much, you give this much, etc), and she wasn't even on the chart!  So no tylenol for Ruth.  She didn't seem fussy from the shot anyway, so it was good.   She needs to go for her 2nd newborn screen, since Texas requires a lot more than California.  I'll have to go to the hospital for that..  lovely! 

Her sisters were very good in the visit. Although A (3 yrs old) told me to put the baby down, and pick her up! The doctor got a kick out of that.
We've had some issues getting the right catheters for Ruth.  The hospital ordered the first batch for us, which was suppose to waiting for us when we got home.  Well, they were, but they were the wrong type, and they were latex!  So no way am I using those.  I called the company on Thursday and thought it was resolved, but when I called them today it was still "pending" and we are completely out!  I am having to wash/re-use the few I have left.  Which can be done, but isn't recommended with such a young baby, and also since she has already had one uti.  I'm not even really sure what is going on with the order, since my insurance case manager has been on their case too!  Thanks to another mom on a spina bifida group I belong to, I found a website where I can order them myself.  Which means I'll get them quickly, but also means I'll be paying for them, not the insurance.  But it will be a good back-up plan until this mess gets straightened out.

Ruth also had a visit from a home care nurse today.  She basically just did a quick assessment, asked if I had any questions, and filled out paperwork.  She is approved for 3 more visits.  Not sure we really need them, but insurance approved 4 visits, so I guess we are getting 4 visits!  Doesn't bother me to hear that Ruth is doing well from someone else.  The nurse was really nice, and helped me by making some phone calls regarding the cath situation.

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