Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goodbye SF

Ruth had her last SF appointment on Tuesday, the urodynamics study.  Ruth did well, didn't seem to mind (until they took a sticker off her leg, those darn stickers!).

The results could have been better...  She has grade 4 reflux on her right kidney.  The worst possible is grade 5.  She has an open bladder neck.  She will now start on a medicine called ditropan to make her bladder more flexible, and we will continue to cath her every 3-4 hours, indefinitely.  While this news was disappointing, her bladder and kidney health is very important and we will do everything we can for her to be as healthy as possible.

We also said goodbye to some dear friends this week.  Our 3 months in SF has earned us some lifelong friends.  We will miss them dearly, and hope to see them soon.

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