Monday, October 25, 2010

3 Months old!!

I'm a few days behind on posting this, but little britches is now 3 months old!! As of 1 week ago, she was 9.5 lbs, so I estimate she is about 10 pounds now (hard to tell when they added 2-3 lbs of plaster to her legs).

She likes to be held, a lot, and is a big snuggler. Does NOT like her car seat, which makes the 1 hour drive over to Scottish Rite Hospital VERY long.

Medically speaking, she is currently visiting Scottish Rite every week for a new cast for her club feet. She also goes to the spina bifida clinic at Scottish Rite this week. She is no longer cathed, nor on any medication (yay!!), but they will check her kidneys in about a month to check for any damage. She has yet to see the neurosurgeon here to establish care, but as of yet she has not needed a shunt to drain the excess fluid from her brain. There is still a HIGH possibility she will need one, so please keep Ruth in your prayers that she stays stable and does not need one. So, right now, other than the very annoying casts on her feet, she is just like any other baby with a few extra appts!

Finding another great use for baby leg warmers - its a good thing I sell them, or I'd be broke! They reduce "the looks" you get when you have a baby in full leg casts, and also keep the baby poop off the casts! Bonus!

She is smiling at us, although it is hard to catch in a photo, I got pretty close in some of these photos.

She is also cooing - it is sooo sweet. Just melts my heart.


  1. What a stinkin cutie pie!

  2. What a beauty you have! And those baby leggings are too, too cute!