Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Clubfoot Casting #4

Yesterday Ruth had her fourth casting for clubfoot correction. She had this past cast on for two weeks instead of the one week like the previous casts.

We arrived early. All our appointments seem to be first thing in the morning, which means Daddy is left getting ALL the other girls to school/preschool, and I have to fight Dallas rush hour traffic. But it's so worth it - Scottish Rite is amazing.

She is never impressed when they remove her casts, but doesn't complain too much.

Her feet looked black and blue and swollen (poor thing!), but are responding VERY well to the castings.

We were hoping to be done with this stage of the castings, and have the heel cord lengthening surgery today. The doc came in and said one foot was ready, and one wasn't quite there. Since we cannot come in next week due to my knee surgery, she will have that surgery in two weeks (after Thanksgiving). I hate that I am the reason she will have one extra week of casts, but it's better than not enough time. Mee-Maw is coming in town to take care of the girls while I am down and is staying until this appointment (SO grateful for her help!). I am looking forward to her getting that part done, but also dreading it. The heel cord lengthening is minor in the world of surgeries, and is done under local anesthetic, but Momma is kicked out during the procedure. :-( Knowing how much she hates the castings, I worry about this. But it will keep her feet from reverting after the casts are done.

So, he casted her again. She was NOT HAPPY at this point. She does not like being pinned down. The orthopedist mentioned more than once how strong she was. He couldn't believe how strongly she was fighting him (trying to kick her legs). *Grin*. I know how strong she is, but it's nice to hear the doctors say it too!

Ruth's onesie got dirty from the plaster, so I changed her into her too big very cool SB t-shirt. Which I also happen to be wearing, so we matched, haha. :-)

We were hoping to meet up with another family we've connected with online, that was also there for treatment, but it didn't work out (we got done too quickly I think!). Next time!


  1. What a trooper! Good luck with your surgery and Ruth's.... What is she weighing these days? What is her corrected age?

  2. @Jamie - Thanks! She is somewhere around 10.5 to 11 pounds. Hard to tell when they add 2 lbs of plaster to her legs! She was 9.5 lbs one month ago. She is almost 4 months old, so that's 2 months adjusted age.

  3. Her legs are looking so great!! I think it's all in God's timing that she's getting the extra cast time. It will go fast and work out great! How fun and wonderful that she's a strong kicker!! Sorry we missed you too, I wanted to snuggle some of that Ruthy sweetness!!!:) It may be awhile before we are back in Dallas, but I will contact you:)
    PS I think they saw a lot of our shirts yesterday!