Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baths with clubfoot casts

Since Ruth has plaster casts to correct her clubfeet, she can't have a typical bath. And since I had knee surgery, I can't kneel down quite as easily either, so this is the arrangement we've come up with to keep her from getting too stinky!

We use a "Leachco Bath 'N Bumper Cushioned Bathtub" because it does not absorb water, but keeps her cushioned.

Under her naked bottom, I place a wash cloth, and a disposable diaper (usually from the stash that she has outgrown before we used them all). This helps keep the cushioned bather from getting dirty, although it's pretty easy to rinse off.

I keep the leg warmers on covering her casts, in case a little water splashes on them. I change out the leg warmers after her bath.

I place all of this on my bathroom counter. I use the little bath tub from the NICU full of warm water in the sink (although you could also just fill up the sink), and then hang the top part of the cushioned bather (where her head is), so that it's hanging over the sink to help drain any water I pour on her.

I keep a wet wash cloth on her, making sure it stays warm, to keep her from getting cold while I wash her up.

And the result is, a much less stinky baby, even without a real bath!

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