Saturday, January 22, 2011

6 Months Old!

So, amazingly enough, I am posting this on the day she turns 6 months!! I can't believe it has been six months since that very eventful day she was born, at 1:50 AM. She has come so far since then, and is doing wonderful.

  • Rolling over, although the braces with the bar on her feet seem to hinder that.
  • Sitting up with support for balance. She has gained some major trunk strength this month!
  • Pushing up with her arms while on her tummy, and even occasionally brings her knees underneath her.
  • Using her hands to grab things and bring them to her mouth, and chews on her hands all the time.
  • Bearing weight on her legs when we hold her up. She has been doing this a lot more recently, I was worried she couldn't feel enough to know to push back against the floor.

    So far, no problems. She goes for a rapid MRI and neurosurgeon appt in Feb to check the stability of the fluid in her brain.

    Back to cathing every 3-4 hours, ditropan 3x day, and a daily antibiotic. The dose of ditropan is double what she was on before, and she hasn't had any wet diapers since. But plenty of poopy ones! We are doing cloth diapers and wipes with her while at home, and it is pretty easy. Saves us a fortune on diapers & wipes, especially since I already had the cloth diapers from her older sister.

    Going great. She is in the brace with a bar between them full time. She gets three 30 minute breaks a day to check for pressure sores, blisters, etc. I try to let her have some free time on the floor without them, so she can roll and move around unhindered. We go back in the beginning of Feb for a checkup.

    Her MOMS teddy bear :-D

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