Friday, April 1, 2011

8 Months

Hard to believe Ruth is already 8 months old! She has changed a lot from the little peanut that surprised us last July!

Milestones & Stats

She is weighing in at about 17 pounds now, which according to the chart I have puts her at the top of the charts! Yay Ruth!

She is doing great on her milestones. She is now getting physical therapy twice a month, and her therapist thinks she is doing great! She is a little behind on some areas, but not much!

She is rolling over easily, both ways. She is constantly getting up on all fours and rocking. She can scoot backwards, but that just makes her mad, because she would really like to go FORWARD!

Here is a quick video that shows her rolling from back to tummy, then rocking.

She is sitting on her own much better, although she still crashes from time to time.

She is eating a variety of baby foods now, although we still haven't moved to anything more solid than that.

She is getting a head full of hair, and it seems to have a little curl in it.

She has pretty little eye lashes with bright blue eyes.


We saw Uro last week for a follow up ultrasound to make sure the meds and cathing were preventing the fluid buildup in her kidney.

The ultrasound showed a NORMAL kidney - no fluid build up at all! The uro felt we could drop one of the meds (ditropan) to see how she does, but still continue with cathing and a daily antibiotic.

She goes back in 3 months for another ultrasound and checkup.


Nothing new to report for Nuero. She is not exhibiting any symptoms so right now the plan is still to wait until Mid May for a full MRI to see if she needs surgery. Please pray for stability for the extra fluid in her brain. Her head circumference puts her at the top of the charts, I have started monitoring it at home to make sure it doesn't get worse.


She had her ortho follow up last week as well. It went GREAT! She no longer has to wear ANY braces during the day, just the same ones as before during the night.

They were very impressed with how well her feet corrected from how severe they were initially.

Such a strong, determined little girl. Every inch of her is beautiful, scars and all.


  1. Oh my, that hat and outfit are ADORABLE. She is so very, very cute!!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful... and an inspiration to us all!

  3. SO THANKFUL for all of Ruth's progress! Will continue to pray for the MRI in May!
    GORGEOUS pictures!! Love the sweet video, too.
    Sara and Matt - AWESOME job!!

  4. She is SO pretty! I LOVE the pics of her in the hat...just precious.

  5. She is SO beautiful! (I love your photography, you're such a pro). It's so wonderful to see her up on her knees, rocking, and moving so much! Wow. How great that her feet have corrected so well. Yay!