Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crawling & Standing!

On a happier note, Ruth is crawling much faster! I can no longer set her down in one part of the room and expect her to stay there. She is on the move!

And a video:

She is also standing for short periods playing with her toys! She is not pulling up yet, but her physical therapist has been working with her on just that and she is getting closer :-)

Her ankles roll in a little bit when she stands, so she wants me to have her pediatrician write a prescription for SMO's, which are ankle braces to give her more support. The hope is with these she will just take off!

Here is a picture of what the SMO's look like:

She will be taking a little break from PT while she recovers from the ETV surgery, but hopefully not too long. She is making such great progress.

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