Friday, December 9, 2011

Family Camp 2011

We attended the SBANT Family Camp this year right before Thanksgiving as a family. It is held at Camp John Marc, which is specifically for children with special needs. It is really a wonderful place. This year there were 24 families there, all with similar journeys as ours. It was nice to be around people that understand!

Lots of fun activities to do.

Scavenger Hunt!

Sports! She particularly loved the parachute! She just laughed and laughed!

Fishing! Her sisters did most of the fishing while Ruth stood in her walker, but Daddy came by to let her get a chance. She loved that too! This was her first chance to really use the walker and she was a little cautious, but she loved just being about to stand in it and the independence with not being held all the time.

Arts & Crafts! Although, it was a bit of a disaster. Ruth was ready for a nap, and I'm not sure what I was thinking giving her a fabric marker (we now have purple decorated pink pants! Whoops!)

There was a campfire with songs, ropes course (big sisters did that while we did arts and crafts), and a few other social gatherings and activities, that I did not take many photos at. I think next year we may recruit a grandma to come along to help with all our kiddos! LOL.

Ruth even made some new friends! These two were soo cute together, they both just loved and hugged on each other all weekend.

We are looking forward to coming back next year. I know Ruth will love it more and more as she grows! Once she is around 8 years old, she can go to the camp on her own (without the family). I am pretty sure her sisters will be jealous of that fact, they LOVED it there too! Lucky girl!

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