Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Post Surgery Checkup #6 (31 weeks)

31 weeks - 6 weeks to go!   My halfway point in SF!

My MIL is my support person this week since Matt and the girls left last week.  She has been quite the trooper pushing me around in the wheelchair uphill!  We even got to go watch a Giants baseball game on Saturday together (the family house gave us tickets), she pushed me around there too.  We had a fun time.

Sonogram- Another quick one.  We had the sonogram at 8AM, and he was done so quickly we had wait in the waiting room until the Radiologist arrived to give the "all done".  When she came in, she had me come back again for a look at the posterior fossa (hind brain), because the tech didn't.  She told me everything looks good, and she is amazed I had surgery 6 weeks ago because my pregnancy looks so good still. I don't have the official results yet, as we talked about so many other things at my OB appointment I forgot to ask!  I am pretty good at watching, and it looked like the ventricles were still about the same, which is the biggest thing to watch for on the baby.  Fluid levels, etc, are still great.  He got a great shot of her little mouth moving and sticking out her tongue, and we could even see her eyes looking around!!   He also showed us her sutures from her surgery on her back.  It amazes me still you can see so much on sonograms.

BPP/Non-Stress Test  The sonogram was done so quickly we have about 1.5 hours to kill before my next appointment, so we hung out and got some snacks.  I drank some tea and ate some bread.  It didn't even occur to me that the tea has caffiene, and since I drink so little caffiene now, how that would affect the baby for the bpp.  Well....  she went CRAZY!!  Jumping all over the place, she passed the bpp in record time.  During the non-stress test, the nurse actually had to turn all the lights off, put on soft music, and tell everyone else to whisper.  I'm not sure she ever really calmed down, I felt her jumping around throughout the entire thing.  It was quite entertaining.  Of course, she passed 10/10.

OB Appt - we met Dr. Robertson again, she is wonderful.  She talked about home, and if we have talked to our pediatrician there.  Everything happened so fast after Ruth's diagnosis that we haven't made any arrangements at home, but I know after she is born the specialists here will set up a lot of that for us.  Still having a lot of bladder pain, so she is sending me for another renal sono (I had one early in this same pregnancy).  She said it could also be from my bladder pushing on scar tissue.  I just hope it's something minor and nothing to do with surgery complications.  We talked about the c-section some.  That will be a new experience for me.  The incision will be lower and not as wide as my prenatal surgery scar, so I will have quite the interesting looking belly when this is all said and done.  Weight same as last week.  I have gained about 4 pounds since the surgery, most of that recently.

UPDATE: Emailed Tamara to get the official sono stats, here they are: "Your ultrasound was very stable!  We love that. Your amniotic fuid was 13.8, cervix is 3.5cm, 15 mm vent."

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