Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Update, preterm labor day 1

So, the day isn't over yet but I'm still pregnant! Ruth has been quite the trooper putting up with all these contractions. They been slowly increasing my magnesium, hoping to stop them completely, but they have at least slowed down. Most of them aren't little ones either, ouch! After all day npo (nothing to eat or drink), a bunch of begging, and a really awesome nurse, we convinced the doc to come see if I can eat. One of the fetal surgery fellows came in and checked me over, checked my cervix (which is still dilated but no change since this morning), she reluctantly agreed to let me eat. So that's great news, meaning she doesn't think Ruth will make her appearance just yet. Matt is keeping his ticket for Saturday since he was planning on coming to visit then anyway. Please keep praying, Ruth needs to cook a little while longer!



  1. upping the prayers again for you all!!!

  2. We are praying for you and Ruth!!!!

  3. Thinking about you and hoping for 2 more weeks!!!