Monday, September 12, 2011

Climbing & Bracing & Foam Mats

One of the things we have been working on with Ruth in physical therapy is climbing (crawling up) our stairs and going back down them (crawling down backwards). She can do it, but just doesn't seem motivated.

Many months ago, when Ruth started to become mobile, I put these soft play forms in front of our TV stand, because this is usually where Ruth plays and it keeps her from messing with the stand or hurting herself. (She learned how to pull up to stand on them also)

Well, look what she figured out she could do!

And then, when I wasn't videoing, she went even higher so she could grab the remote!!

It's all about motivation with this girl!

We are heading to Scottish Rite tomorrow to meet with the Physical Therapist at the Spina Bifida clinic there about hopefully getting some little ankle braces for Ruth now that she is starting to walk. One of the things I have been told, is that SR is very reluctant to brace. But her therapist here REALLY thinks she needs it so she won't walk on the sides of her feet. So, here to hoping tomorrow goes well, and she gets what she needs!

For those of you asking where we got the mats Ruth has used, we got them many years ago when my 2nd daughter was a baby, and some of them are from my sister when her boys were smaller. Ruth's physical therapist has put them to good use! I've gotten a lot of questions recently about them, so I searched, and here they are on Amazon:
The brand "Children's Factory" has a lot of cool stuff just like those we have.

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