Thursday, October 6, 2011

San Francisco Trip Day 1: Friends & Fun!

We went to San Francisco last week as part of the MOMS trial follow up. They look at the kids that are participating in the trial at 1 year (from their due date), and at 30 months. I want to blog in detail about the follow up, but this post is about our first day there - our free day!

We flew in early Sunday morning, so we would have time to meet up with our friends. They drove from over 2 hours away to meet us.

I missed them so much, I am not sure I would have made it through that long month in the NICU without J!

Ruth & B last summer:

After grabbing lunch, our first stop was the Golden Gate Bridge, I got to drive over it for the first time (last time I never had a car - we always took public transit to get anywhere).

A few photos, of course!

It was a lot of fun seeing the babies together again! And of course, seeing J was awesome.

Next was a stop at the Hospital. This place was our lives for a long time.

Top Floor - NICU. A lot of long hours spent there.

More cute Ruth & B photos!

Kissing babies!! Not much is cuter than that :)

Of course, we had to grab some YUMMY chocolate chip muffins! Oh, how I missed these!


  1. I love the photos.....I feel the same way about my last month. I could NOT have done it without you, seriously! We were so glad that we were able to come up and see you guys....lots of love, Jamie

  2. They are so darn cute.... I love when she tries to lick him!